Asmirandah Artis Bispak

Asmirandah Mentioned as Artis Bispak ?
Asmirandah Seksi Foto Bugil TelanjangWhen her name Mentioned in a list of prostitution actress in a website, Asmirandah feel upset. Andah - her nickname - to know herself listed in prostitution site when a reporter call her. Andah say what is listed on the site is not correct. This CINTA FITRI star when she come late she always be with her friends and also accompanied by her mother. The same thing mentioned by her mother, Sani Suliwati. According to Sani, She always keeping herself to assist Andah go anywhere because she fear that something that not desired would occur. "I am surprised to know that the journalist who's calling me, she is listed in a porn sites Harton," said Andah.

Asmirandah Ngentot Foto Bugil Telanjang"I always keep what Asmirandah always at my side . I'm afraid things that I do not desired happen to Asmirandah. So I always accompanies Andah when she go alone," said Sani, Saturday (21 / 2). As an artist Asmirandah thought if issues and gossip keep circulating is a risk and part of a celebrities. "It is as if this is so complicated, but this is the risk of a artist. "she says.

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