Donita, Sexy Indonesian Models and Actress
Sunday, February 22, 2009
Full Name : Noni Anissa Ramadhani
Nick Name : Donita
Sex : Female
Religion : Muslim
Place/Date of Birth : Bandung, West Java, 14 February 1989
Weight : 48 kg
High : 171 cm

Donita has a full name Noni Anissa ramadhani, born in Bandung, West Java, 14 February 1989. She is known as a model, sinetron stars, Cinema Star.
Stars who had been the model of advertisement Zinc Shampoo, Tessa tissue. She also play at FITRI CINTA, Mak COMBLANG, AKU SAYANG KAMU, etc. Donita had made love with Actor Randy Pangalila. They play together in sinetron CINTA FITRI. However, their relationship is no longer in progress. They separated in August 2008.

Here are some photo collection of her

Foto Donita Artis Bibir Seksi

Foto Donita Artis Seksi Bugil

Foto Donita Montok Cantik Banget

Foto Donita Artis Sexy Telanjang

Foto Bugil Donita Model Cantik Indonesia

Well, that a short information about Donita, I hope she will continue her great works. Go Go Girl !!!!

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