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First artist Laura Cinta teenagers wanted to celebrate the turn of year in Europe. However, the cold air makes European parenthesize intention.

"We are free in Europe, but there is always winter, so the cold," said Herdiana, mama when I found detikhot in the Polda Metro Jaya, Jakarta some time ago.

Europe failed to make Cinta not then canceled a vacation. Stars sinetron 'Cinderela' that will be celebrated at the turn of the year special. Where?

"We get in Bali aja. Nggak ngurangin meaning although I in Bali," said Herdiana again.

Legal scholars Bandung Padjadjaran University graduate was also revealed that in celebrating New Year, there is no big thing that he prepare. A party is quite simple: for the Cinta.

"Nothing have special rituals. We do ribet-ribet," his him

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