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zhang zi yiIsn't this a lovely picture of Zhang Zi Yi? She really is very, very pretty - truly worth being called "Asia's Audrey Hepburn". Although, I never really imagined that Zhang would become this beautiful. I mean, I was able to watch A Road Home, one of her first movies and I know it's her, but there isn't anything spectacular about her then.

I liked most of the films Zhang Zi Yi starred in, like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and House of Flying Daggers. In 2005, she played the part of Sayuri in the movie adaptation of Memoirs of a Geisha. Personally, I wanted a Japanese actress to play this part, since it is about Japan's culture and all, but she did give justice to the character she portrayed. Zhang's dancing skills really surface in these movies, and I remain in awe whenever I watch her doing martial arts or dance routines.

Zhang Zi Yi also is a good actress. I liked how she acted in her The Banquet (2006) movie. She evolves with every movie that she makes (where she's one of the leads, of course). If she's the one who chooses the roles she plays, then I must commend her for having good tastes and for knowing which roles suit her the best.

She keeps silent when it comes to her private life, and not much is known. Although recently, it has been said that she's dating an Israeli multi-millionaire named Vivi Nevo. At least, she also knows the best options that she can choose when it comes to her life. Zhang Zi Yi, really is a rare gem that in my opinion, will be more treasured as time passes.

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