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Aparted and time is not one barriers for someone for the shake of meeting with the sweetheart. this happen with Cinta Laura Keihl. This young artist volunteer pass through over from her residency in Rancamaya, Bogor, to Pondok Indah, just for meeting Ahmad Dhani.

"I'm really happy, the problem is, Dhani is my biggest fans," says Cinta Laura with the muddle language in house Dhani, Jl Pinang Emas VII/D4, Maisonette Respects, Wednesday ( 6/2).

"I am very nervous when asked to sings in front of hims, but I think this is my opportunity to show my sing ability." said girl which also fans of underground band SLIPKNOT.

" I hope he to like my voice, that is all," she said again.

And according to Maia "husband", Cinta Laura has singing talent, and of course it must train alot, if she would serious to plunge to the music industry.

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