Rahma Azhari

Rahma Azhari At Om Farhan Show

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Rahma Azhari At Bisik Bisik Midnight Quiz Show

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Rahma Azhari bugil telanjang

Rahma Azhari telanjang bugil

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Finally Rahma Azhari opening girds widow status. After Ceremony Of Judge Abdul Khoiri SH grants procedure of diforce Rahma Azhari in conference in PA South Jakarta. In the decision conference, absent both parties only represented by each lawyer.

Besides granting procedure of Rahma Azhari diforce, in this 15 conference, Ceremony Of Judge Sulaeman also takes some decisions. Inter alia, rights takes care of automatic chlid below Rahma Azhari because Raisya is not Rauf biological chlid. For the decision, Ceremony Of Judge commands to change Raisya birth act.

Two lawyers, Code Arifin from the side of Rauf and Secarpiandy as authorized law Rahma Azhari express satisfying and receives result of the decision.

" From beginning of procedure of diforce Rahma Azhari to Rauf is the problem of household, non the problem of rights takes care of and "gono gini" possession, coms into question this we have never registered in suing," says Secarpiandy. On the other side, the side of Rauf through Sandi Arifin confess satisfying with the decision. " This have been fair of like the one is we expect," says Sandi short

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