video vulgar Shireen Sungkar

Shireen Sungkar never considered vulgar videos tripped cases. After three years of waterfalls in the world of entertainment, Shireen eventually be exposed to a case that also involves a number of other artist ever. But Shireen relaxed react to it.

"For three years playing soap opera and a public figure. Finally got too raunchy gay video cases. At first I thought not taxable," said Shireen Sungkar, when held a press conference at his residence, at Jalan Madrasah I No 1, Kebayoran Lama, South Jakarta, Tuesday (26 / 5) afternoon.

Vulgar video tripped unexpected that does not make Shireen Sungkar ashamed and disheartened. This Fairus Adly lover just relax. Because these days many other artists who affected the case vulgar porn video. "It does not matter. Yesterday's, too many artists who are taxable. I is not a problem. Relax aja," said Shireen mengumbar while continuing to smile.

Shireen relaxed attitude that impressed this, because no other actor in the soap opera Cinta Fitri Fitri is more emphasis on career and educational soap opera.

Shireen Sungkar diGiliran vulgar videos circulating in cyberspace. Shireen know when you are in Sydney, Australia. Really vulgar dilakoni Shireen video?

"The video was not very similar to me. Bangs aja similar to me. Anyway how many millions of people a lot of bangs that looked like me," said Shireen Sungkar during a press conference held at his residence, at Jalan Madrasah I No.1, Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta South, Tuesday (26 / 5) afternoon.

Other differences were described Shireen vulgar to argue that video circulating in the virtual world is his. "He's mostly Arab, I was little. He's the same sharp nose, but pink," said Shireen in convincing tone.

Shireen statement was justified all his friends. Video vulgar outstanding not hers. "My friends told me too, it was not me," he concluded.

Just for information, new Shireen vulgar like himself find videos from benerapa relatives, when she was in Sydney Airport, Australia and would return to Indonesia

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