Alona Cynthiara

Alona Cynthiara admitted if the problem with the former manager named Bobby background of the issue of money. He said that if Bobby carried off the money from the sweat and Alona was not received.

"My problem with him is a matter of money. Before I was contracted as an advertising product in Malaysia and Singapore. After I find out, money is half of my salary was taken to him. The number was 150 million, which took half of it, but still cut 30%. lha kok my job but why he's taking more of my salary? And also not blunt.'s management usually get it 15%, but he had taken 30% plus plus half as well. That I can not accept because his client who mentioned to me, "explained at length Alona at Polda Metro Jaya, Saturday (06/05).

Alona itself did not immediately report the action is Bobby. Because, Bobby promised him a job lot.

"When it was because I saw the bright side he is. He never said he'd give a lot of work. At first I was not going to report him. And I do not think that he would as bad as this. I do not accept these photographs disseminated. Now this is the second time . I had to get him, the B. The photographs for the magazine abroad and I ask for copies because I want to save it for my own personal collection, yes for a memento of old was, not for publication, "he added.

According to legal counsel Alona, Sunan Kalijaga, actors who spread these pictures can be snared several articles in the Penal Code. Moreover, they also have evidence in hand.

"UU ITE Article 27 Paragraph 3 and 310 of the Penal Code concerning defamation. The proof-of-print prints of the photos that circulated on the Internet," explained Sunan.

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