Luna Maya ngentot

The appearance of the perpetrators hot video artists like Luna Maya and her boyfriend, Ariel in the virtual world became a byword community. Satisfy the curiosity of the truth of the video, a number of media also tried to ask the origin of the figure in the video to the experts, telecommunications, Roy Suryo.

Roy Suryo is a person who is often used as resource persons associated with the technology, especially video and photography. But to via short messages, members of Parliament refused to comment with a number of reasons.

Later on some of infotainment, emerged expert IT (Information technology) Another comment on the video. This expert's opinion into the news who believe that the perpetrator in the video is hot celebrity couples Ariel and Luna Maya.

Bespectacled expert opinion has been welcomed 'false' by Roy Suryo. The reason, he thinks there is no scientific evidence showing that the original picture Luna and Ariel. So can not judge them.

"I was in Amsterdam until June 13, purporting to be IT experts admit video resemble not justify indiscriminate LM - A, except the existing scientific evidence metadata," said agree that often comment on the photos and videos of this hot artist, through a message briefly to

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